No cafe could do without a bit of delicious sweets. We, focusing on the best quality, decided to make halva ourselves, which for many of you will surely be an unforgettable childhood delicacy. Our halva is an excellent dessert that tastes great both with intense coffee and aromatic tea.

However, we are most proud of the fact that the ingredients we use to make halva are completely natural, so they do not contain any preservatives or artificial flavor enhancers. As a result, our sweet treat not only tastes great, but is also very healthy and has a beneficial effect on the entire body.

At the moment, our Mazagran store offers a choice of sunflower, sesame and sesame halvah with additives (nuts, pistachios or raisins - depending on your taste preferences)./span>

We cordially invite you to taste our delicious halvahs, which we carefully make with great tenderness. Thanks to Internet shipping, you can order them to the desired address without leaving your home or pick them up personally in our cozy cafe in Zamość. Welcome!

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